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Why You Need To Obtain Medical Treatment

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to supply medical documentation of your disability. Receiving medical treatment for your disability is an important part of the process.

At Law Offices of Pashler & Devereaux​, we understand that obtaining medical treatment is not always easy. Many people go without treatment because they cannot afford it. Many people with mental illnesses may fail to obtain the necessary diagnosis of their condition, or may not follow through with treatment for cost or other reasons. Our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your medical treatment options. From our office in Amherst, we serve clients throughout western and upstate New York.

Obtaining Medical Treatment For Disability

It is important to have a doctor provide documentation that you were diagnosed with and obtained treatment for a disability. If you discontinued treatment or stopped taking medication, the Social Security Administration may believe you are healthy enough to no longer need disability benefits.

We know that applying for Social Security Disability is complicated and that obtaining proper medical treatment can be challenging. Our compassionate lawyers will do everything they can to help. We will sit down with you and explore all of your medical treatment options, including Medicaid.

We Are Ready To Help You With Your Social Security Disability

We will take the time to listen to you and give you the best advice we can. Our attorneys are committed to helping you obtain the disability benefits you deserve. Give us a call today at 716-874-1739 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.