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The VA, the SSA and your disability benefits

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Social Security Disability, Veterans Disability

At the Law Offices of Pashler & Devereaux in New York, we often answer questions for veterans regarding what types of benefits they may be eligible to receive from the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration. If you have a disability, you may qualify for benefits from more than one program, but the amount of benefits you receive from one program may reduce how much you may receive from another.

Zacks Investment Research explains that you may be eligible for both VA and Social Security benefits simultaneously because these two programs are separate. On the other hand, qualifying for one does not guarantee eligibility for the other because they have different requirements regarding the disability definitions.

If you are eligible for both, whether or not there is any reduction in your VA benefits because of your Social Security benefits depends on how you sustained the injury that led to your disability. If it is service-related, then your VA benefits will not be lower, but if it is not service-related, then you will receive less from the VA based on the amount you receive from Social Security.

Supplemental Security Income is a separate program. People qualify for it based on need, and any income you receive from the VA (except for the first $20) will subsequently lower the amount you are eligible to receive from SSI. However, the reverse is not true. SSI does not affect the amount you may receive from the VA.

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