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SSD Questions

Can I Qualify For SSD?

Yes. The Social Security Administration administers two disability programs, DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). For advice regarding SSD, you will want to consult with a disability attorney.

Am I Eligible For SSD Payments?

Western New Yorkers know all about hard work. However, you may become unable to work due to your disability. Receiving payments for a disability requires showing you cannot perform your regular work due to a disabling condition:

Examples of disabling conditions include:

  • Blood and related hematological disorders
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Mental impairments, including anxiety, schizophrenia and depression
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Vision loss

Your case is unique and requires individual, careful analysis, which we can discuss at your free initial consultation. With Pashler & Devereaux by your side, you can be rest assured that certain life impacts — as a result of a disability denial — continue to be kept at their minimum.

What Is SSI?

Not every disabled individual will have enough work history to qualify for disability benefits

SSI is a needs-based program that helps disabled people with very low household income and minimal resources. Not all disability lawyers will represent individuals who are seeking just SSI benefits. However, we will work with you to help secure the disability benefits you deserve.

At What Stage In The Application Process Should I Contact A Disability Attorney?

A disability attorney can help you at any stage in the disability application process, including the initial application. We are experienced disability attorneys familiar with how the Social Security Administration makes decisions. If you are in western New York or Amherst, put our knowledge of disability law to work for you.

I Received A Denial Of My Reconsideration, Should I Speak To You About A Hearing?

Yes. As your disability attorney, we will help you file your appeal with the Social Security Administration. You have a limited amount of time within which you have to file an appeal for a disability hearing. When you appeal, you will have a Social Security Disability hearing before an administrative law judge. Pashler & Devereaux will help you present your case at the hearing. You and your witnesses can tell the judge about your impairments and how they limit what you are able to do.

How Much Medical Evidence Is Required?

Medical evidence is the pivotal component in the SSA’s decision of whether you are officially disabled. We will advise you about how we can compile as much medical evidence as possible, including diagnostic reports, X-rays, imaging, test results and surgical records.

Do I Need A Disability Attorney?

If you have been injured or are suffering from an injury, you do not need a disability attorney. However, disabled individuals who retain an attorney are more likely to be successful in the disability application process.

Disability attorneys will all charge the same fee. If an attorney represents you, the government withholds 25 percent of all retroactive benefits as a possible attorney’s fee.

Choose Pashler & Devereaux because we understand your claim is unique. We focus on disability law to help us advocate for you.

What Will You Do For Me?

At Pashler & Devereaux, helping you and your family will be our highest priority. As a small law firm, we will bring several important qualities to your case. If you retain us, we will do the following:

  • We will begin by reviewing or helping you complete all necessary forms.
  • We will help our clients develop the medical evidence for record. 
  • We will always be available to answer your important questions and provide you with the most up-to-date information about your case.
  • We will help prepare you for your hearing before an administrative law judge.
  • We will be prepared to appeal your case to federal district court, if necessary.

Can I Contact You With My Questions?

Absolutely. If you are looking for advice and legal representation for your Social Security Disability claim, consider Pashler & Devereaux, a law firm of disability attorneys in Amherst dedicated to help you obtain the benefits you need. To make an appointment, call 716-874-1739 today or contact us now. A knowledgeable, expert disability attorney can make a major difference in the outcome of your claim.