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Appealing A Denied Veterans Disability Compensation Claim

If you are a veteran suffering from a current disability, you may be eligible for monthly compensation payments from the Veterans Administration (VA). Unfortunately, the VA denies many initial applications. The appeals process is both lengthy and complex, which is why many applicants choose to work with a Veteran’s Disability lawyer.

If you have questions about the Veterans Disability appeals process, we encourage you to contact one of the competent and experienced lawyers of Pashler & Devereaux today.

Under the VA’s rules, an applicant is assigned a specific disability rating ranging from 10 to 100 percent. The monthly benefit amount corresponds to the disability percentage assigned. Even when a disease or injury is found to be service-connected veterans often have to appeal the specific rating percentage assigned. The VA rules allow a veteran to receive disability benefits even if they are working full time. Veterans whose service-connected injury or injuries prevent them from working may be entitled to additional benefits. A veteran receiving disability benefits may also be eligible for SSDI benefits.